Past Collaborations

* = Written for Keith Kirchoff

Aaron Anderson Malleis*

Ashkan Behzadi Cronistoria Plastica

Brian Belet (Disturbed) Radience
Brian Belet Summer Phantoms

Christopher Biggs The BFG*
Christopher Biggs Letter to the Moon*
Christopher Biggs Contraposition

Per Bloland (tba)*

Galen Brown God is a Killer

Lou Bunk Toy Piano

Fran M.M. Cabeza de Vaca Dancefloor*

Nicole Carroll Hand of Marseilles*

Ryan Carter On the Lights of a System and Consequences of my Decisions*

Christopher Chandler In Shadow In Shade*

Eric Chasalow Due (Cinta)mani

Miguel Chuaqui Translatio I*

Joshua Clausen Here Nor There*
Joshua Clausen Pidgin Cycles

Giovanni Costantini Traccia sospesa

Anthony Cornicello Mirrors
Anthony Cornicello Waves

Ian Dicke Get Rich Quick

Alexander Dupuis relations in a series*

Martim Galvao For Four*

Doug Geers Sapling
Doug Geers Mille Regretz (fache amoureuse)

John Gibson Blue Traces

Annie Gosfield Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers

Christopher Jette In Vitro Oink*
Christopher Jette utuquq*
Christopher Jette/Keith Kirchoff iteration two
Christopher Jette Electropology
Christopher Jette Ordered Table*

Marisol Jimenez Islas Migrantes*

Todd Kitchen Pedro Páramo

Alcides Lanza acúfenos III

Elainie Lillios (tba)*
Elainie Lillios Nostalgic Visions

MC Maguire Short History of Lounge

Matthew Malsky Egged On
Matthew Malsky heterogeneous

Liviu Marinescu Shadows

Manuel Bonino Medina Triptych I*