April 12, 2006
"I very much enjoyed your performance of Mayn Yingele the other day in Boston. I thought your improvisation was especially interesting. It almost seemed as if I were listening to myself!"

-Frederick Rzewski

January 17, 2008
"Working with Keith for a performance of my (Disturbed) Radiance, for piano and interactive computer system, was great fun. When we met for the first time at SEAMUS 2006 he had the score already completely under his fingers, so we could get right to work on the finer details of computer interaction and large-scale performance strategies. Keith understood the intentions of the music completely, and his performance was powerful and sensitive. What more could a composer ask from a performer? I look forward to more collaborations with him."

-Brian Belet


July 11, 2007
"Of the musicians I've worked with, Keith is the best performer and interpreter of new music. He lives and breathes new music; and his passion for new music is evident in everything that he does as a musician. I will continue to collaborate with Keith, as I know that his contribution to my work has been invaluable."

-Paul Lombardi


May 12, 2007
"It was very rewarding to work with Keith Kirchoff on my piano solo, Recalling Chimes, during the 2007 Gaudeamus Interpreters Competiton. He approached the piece with a depth of understanding, thoroughly exploring the sound, structural possibilities and layers of meaning behind each gesture and detail. He came to our first meeting with an inquisitiveness about its history, as well as my intentions and particular wishes for performance. When I heard Keith play the piece later in the week, I was struck by how beautifully he had incorporated my own suggestions into a gripping, as well as sensitive, performance which was still interpretively unique and individually honest. Many people came up to me in the hours and days following his performance and told me how much they had enjoyed Keith's playing and my music. I told them all how pleased I had been with his musicianship and intelligent, enthusiastic approach. I would be honored to have another chance to work with Keith on any of my music in the future!"

-Vanessa Lann


May 5 , 2007
"Keith Kirchoff performed my pianomusic in a way that convinced me of his virtuosity and great insight in the music."

-Theo Loevendie regarding my performance of Strides


August 2 , 2007
"Working with Keith Kirchoff has been one of the most delightful and memorable experiences of my musical career. While learning my Concerto for Toy Piano and Orchestra, Keith and I kept in constant contact, and his attention to detail--the subtle nuances of the music--was extraordinary. Keith brought my concerto to life in a way I never thought possible. He was able to amply realize my artistic vision while simultaneously showcasing his virtuosic technique and artistic sensitivity. Collaborating with Keith on this project was one of the most rewarding and musically stimulating
ventures I’ve had during my career as a composer. For this, he has earned my utmost respect reserved for artists and musical visionaries of only the highest caliber."

-Matthew McConnell


March 10, 2005
"...Keith's innate musicianship and natural command of the instrument shine through consistently. His work is technically impeccable. I continue to be extremely impressed by Keith's pianistic abilities and his musicianship, as well as his eagerness to learn about new music, intellectual adventurousness, and warm, commanding, and expressive playing. He is an extraordinary pianist, deeply committed to music making and thinking about music."

-Stephen Drury

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International Tuba Euphonium Association Journal
Volume 34, Number 4; Summer 2007
Doodles: five variations for solo tuba
CD Recording of John Luther Adams's For Lou Harrison with the Callithumpian Consort.