T he eE lectro- A cousticp P iano

praya dubia (2008-09)
Christopher Trebue Moore

Desire with Digressions (2012)
Butch Rovan

Velocity Study #3: Rip (1991)
Allen Strange


 in vitro oink (2010)
Christopher Jette

Lighting Slingers and Dead Ringers (2007)
Annie Gosfield






The Electro-Acoustic Piano (EAPiano) is an ongoing project which supports and promotes new works for piano and electronics. Started in 2009, the project has so far commissioned over twenty different composers, and the program has been presented throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, and England.

In collaboration with the University of Toronto, EAPiano hosted an international composition competition for new works for piano and live electronics in 2010. The winning compositions - Elainie Lillios's Nostalgic Visions and Adam Scime's Vagues - were presented at the 2011 New Music Festival at the University of Toronto.

Kirchoff's first EAPiano album is now available, and features works by Christopher Trebue Moore, Christopher Jette, Dan VanHassel, Allen Strange, and Roberto Morales. A companion album is due this year and will include the works of Jacob Sudol, Elainie Lillios, Dan VanHassel, and Christopher Jette.

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For the first time since its inception, EAPiano 2014 will feature only works specifically commissioned for this project. With the generous support of grants from the McKnight Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, and the Barlow Endowment, EAPiano is excited to be commissioning Scott Miller, Joshua Clausen, and Benjamin Taylor, as well as Miguel Chuaqui, Peter Van Zandt Lane, and Adam Vidiksis. To learn more about EAPiano 2014, click here.

This project has an ongoing call for scores.
Please email materials to Keith Kirchoff.


EAPiano Commissions

Christopher Biggs (The BFG)
Lou Bunk (Toy Piano)
Christopher Chandler (In Shadow In Shade)
Miguel Chuaqui (Translatio I)
Joshua Clausen (Here Nor There)
Christopher Jette (In Vitro Oink)
Marisol Jimenez (Islas Migrantes)
MC Maguire (Hiphop vs Infomercials)
Manuel Bonino Medina (Triptych I)
Scott Miller (tba)
Christopher Trebue Moore (praya dubia)
Roberto Morales (Contortions)
Steve Ricks (Medusa in Fragments)
Robert Seaback (seed.signal.)
Adam Scime (Vagues)
Jorge Sosa (Sonic Bifurcation)
Benjamin Taylor (The Soul)
Neil Thornock (Strange Revolutions)
Dan VanHassel (Lush Intrinsic)
Peter Van Zandt Lane (tba)
Adam Vidiksis (tba)

(Non-Commissioned) Collaborations

Brian Belet
Eric Chasalow
Anthony Cornicello
John Gibson
Annie Gosfield
Elainie Lillios
Matthew Malsky
Adam Scott Neil
Stefan Prins
Butch Rovan
Timothy Roy
Jacob Sudol
Kirsten Volness
Dan Werfelmann