Works Composed

All works shown here are published by the composer and are available to all interested parties free of charge. They can be sent in either paper or .pdf formats. To obtain a score, please see the contact page.
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All pieces are registered through ASCAP.


“Concerto for Piano” (2008-10)
solo piano, 2-2-2-2 2-2-0-0, percussion, 6-6-4-4-2
Duration: c. 12 minutes

Chamber Music

“Gods of Thunder” (2008-10)
15 drums
Duration: 12 minutes

“Dance of the Fyre Gnomes” (2009)
basson (or bass clarinet) and piano
Duration: c. 3 minutes

“Piano Quartet” (2006)
written for the California E.A.R. Unit
pn, vl, vc, cl

Duration: 9 minutes
Premier: August, 2006. Arcosanti, AZ
California E.A.R. Unit
LISTEN: California E.A.R. Unit

“Hymns” (2006)
version for two pianos
Duration: 8 minutes
Premier: June, 2006. Music06; Cincinnati, OH
Albert Muhlbach and Mabel Kwan, pianos

LISTEN: Muhlbach and Kwan, pianos

“Size Doesn't Matter” (2002-03)
variations for toy piano and organ
Duration: 4 minutes, 30 seconds
Premier: Jan, 2003. University of Oregon Eugene, OR
Rose Whitmore, organ; Keith Kirchoff, toy piano

LISTEN: Whitmore and Kirchoff, keyboards

“Christmas Suite” (2001-03)
piano four hands
I. Twelve Days
II. Christmas Lullaby
III. Oh Christmas Tree Variations
Duration: 10 minutes
Premier: Dec, 2001. Eugene, OR (mvts. II & III)
Allan Friesen and Keith Kirchoff, piano
Dec, 2003. St. Cloud, MN (mvt. I)
Nathan Kennedy and Keith Kirchoff, piano

“A Tale With Two Stories” (2002)
toy piano, piano, and two narrators
Duration: 25 minutes
I. The Jumping Competition
II. Grief
III. Let Me Tell You a Story
IV. Conclusion
Premier: April, 2002. University of Oregon Eugene, OR
Keith Kirchoff, toy piano; Allan Friesen, piano; Jason Johnson and Andy Schanz, narrators.

LISTEN: Jason Johnson, narrator; Keith Kirchoff, piano
(The Jumping Competition only)

Acousmatic Music

"A433" (2012)
Duration: 3:07


Solo Instrument

bassoon and live electronics
Duration: c. 10 minutes

“oNe” (2013)
pitched (or non-pitched) object and live electronics
Duration: c. 10 minutes
Premier: April, 20131. OpenSound Series, Somerville, MA
Keith Kirchoff, toy piano
LISTEN: Keith Kirchoff, toy piano

“White Canvas” (2012)
piano and live electronics
Duration: c. 10 minutes
Premier: Oct, 2012. Songlines Series, Mills College
Keith Kirchoff, piano

“OverDrive” (2010-11)
toy piano, live electronics, and fixed media
Duration: 9:40
Premier: Jan, 2011. Experimental Piano Series. Chicago, IL
Keith Kirchoff, toy piano
LISTEN: Keith Kirchoff, toy piano

"Iteration Two” (2011)
piano, live electronics, and fixed media
Written in collaboration with Christopher Jette
Duration: 7 minutes
Premier: Jan, 2011. Experimental Piano Series. Chicago, IL
Keith Kirchoff, piano

“Sonatina: An Appalchian Folk Tale” (2008)
solo piano
Duration: c. 10 minutes

“Piano Sonata” (2008)
solo piano
Commissioned by Shiau-uen Ding

Duration: c. 20 minutes

Only Temporary” (2007-08)
Version one: solo organ [Commissioned by Matthew McConnell]
Version two: viola and piano [written for Megan Tipton]
Duration: 17 minutes
I. The Sloth Slogs Through the Sluice LISTEN
II. Stranded in the Capital of Nowhere
III. Slippery When Wet
IV. An Inside Joke LISTEN
V. The Sky is Falling LISTEN
VI. The Little Mouse Scurries Through My Kitchen Eating My Food and Soiling My Dishes
VII. Echoes in the Hollow Chamber of Uncertainty

Premier (1): May, 2009. Good Shepherd United Methodist Church. Malden, MA
Mattew McConnell, organ. May 3, 2009.
Premier (2): October 10, 2008. Mercury Cafe
Megan Tipton, viola; Keith Kirchoff, piano

“Variation for Kai” (2008)
solo piano
Commissioned by Kai Schumacher

Duration: 1 minute
Premier: Jan, 2009. Folkwang-Hochschule, Duisburg GERMANY
Kai Schumacher, piano
LISTEN: Kai Schumacher, piano [my variation, #11, can be found at 3:00. To view the entire piece, click here for part one and here for part two.]

“The Adventures of Norby” (2007)
piano and digital audio media
Duration: 12-15 minutes
Premier: April 3, 2007. Salt Lake City, UT
LISTEN: Keith Kirchoff, piano

“Doodles: five variations for solo tuba” (05-06)
Commissioned by Jeffrey Meyer
Duration: 5 minutes, 30 seconds
Premier: March 7, 2007. Kent, OH
Jeffrey Meyer, tuba
LISTEN: Jeffrey Meyer, tuba

“Experiments VII” (2005)
violin and digital audio media
Duration: 10 minutes
Premier: May, 2005. NEC, Boston, MA

Stephanie Skor, violin
LISTEN: Carmel Raz, violin

“Hymns” (2004)
version for solo piano
Premier: September, 2007. UMKC, Kansas City, MO
Keith Kirchoff, piano

Duration: 8 minutes

LISTEN: Keith Kirchoff, piano



Piano Transcriptsions, Paraphrases, & Cadenzas

Andante (2004)
from Brahm's Third Symphony
Duration: 6 minutes

Paraphrase Fugue #1 (2004)
based on subjects from Mozart's Piano Sonata, K284
Duration: 2 minutes
Premier: April, 2004. New England Conservatory, Boston, MA
Keith Kirchoff, piano

"I Saw Three Ships" (2003)
Duration: 4 minutes
Premier: Dec, 2003. St. Cloud, MN
Keith Kirchoff, piano

"Scherzo & Joke Waltz ” (2001)
from Shostakovich's Ballet Suite No. 1
Duration: 6 minutes, 30 seconds
Premier: July, 2002. St. Cloud, MN
Keith Kirchoff, piano

Cadenza (1999)
for Mozart's Piano Concerto in C, K467,
III: Allegro vivace assai
Duration: 2 minutes
Premier: Apr, 1999. St. Cloud, MN
Apollo Chamber Symphony; Keith Kirchoff, piano


Solo Voice

“Twelve Holiday Song” (2004-06)
12 Etudes for voice and piano
Duration: 20 minutes
I. New Year's Day: Auld Lang Syne
II. St. Valentine's Day: You Are My Sunshine

III. St. Patrick's Day: Billy Boy
IV. Easter Sunday: Here Come's Peter Cottontail
V. Easter Sunday: Alleluia!
VI. Independance Day: Fireworks
VII. Labor Day: I've Been Workin'
VIII. Halloween: Five Little Pumpkins
IX. Election Day
X. Thanksgiving: Prayer
XI. Christmas: The Bells
XII. Christmas: Joy the the World!
The last two songs were formally part of "2 Holiday Songs." Each song focuses on a different aspect of vocal and keyboard technique.
Premier: Dec, 2004. St. Cloud, MN (The Bells and Joy to the World!)
Erica Brookhyser, mezzo; Keith Kirchoff, piano

LISTEN: Brookhyser and Kirchoff (Joy to the World! only)

“Songs of the City” (2006)
Commissioned by Christene Keene
high voice and piano

Duration: 20 minutes
I. My City
II. Deception
III. Invasion
IV. Redemption
Premier: t.b.a. Tallahassee, FL
Christene Keene, soprano
LISTEN: recording coming soon

“La Mer” (2005)
medium voice and piano
Duration: 3 minutes


Professional Chorus

Aum (2011)
Meditation for a capella chorus of any size
Duration: 7+ minutes

Church Music for Amateur Chorus

Christmas Gloria (2006)
Duration: 4 minutes
A canonic arrangement of "Angeles We Have Heard on HIgh"

Psalm 22 (2006)
Duration: 6 minutes
My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?

Ave Maria (2006)
Duration: 4 minutes
Combines Latin plainchant with an arranged version of the contemporary setting by Carey Landry

Psalm 145 (2002)
solo voice, congregation, and piano
Duration: 3 minutes
antiphonal contemporary arrangment that can be used for a congregational response.